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Blue LED light with 5-Aminolovulinic Acid HCI (ALA) penetrates the dermis to kill bacteria clogging the pores. Eucalyptus oil is an excellent natural treatment for acne.


Spot Diminishing ALA Hydrojelly treats acne-prone skin to shrink oil glands and minimize colonies of bacteria responsible for acne. Blue LED light with ALA penetrates the dermis to kill the bacteria that cause acne breakouts (P. acnes). The P. acnes bacteria can grow in the hair follicles and cause inflammation, which then blocks pores and turns into inflamed pimples. Also, it shrinks the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands of the skin. This reduces acne by decreasing the amount of oil in each pore (acne bacteria thrives on oil). This provides a natural antiseptic with antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties making it highly effective in treating wounds, acne, and skin infections.


Pair this Mask with Blue LED Therapy and you have one powerful acne treatment.




The seal in the Hydrojelly lid is designed to compress to keep the powder inside the container during storage and shipping. The seal is not intended to “stick” to the container, though sometimes it does. If you receive a Hydrojelly product from esthemax and the seal is not stuck to the mouth of the container, then rest assured that the product is fine. The seal is doing its job even though it does not adhere to the mouth of the container. All of our products are manufactured under stringent good manufacturing practices to ensure product safety and freshness.


Also note that as the seal is not intended to adhere to the jar and these products are filled and packaged in accordance with our quality control plan, we do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for Hydrojelly units where the seal does not adhere to the mouth of the jar.

Spot Diminishing ALA

  • Acne (Papules, Cysts and Nodules), Oiliness, In-Grown hair, Blemishes